I Have Sex with Guys But Fantasize About Women

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Dear Dr. Betty,

I've only had sex with guys but I've always had this fantasy about fucking another woman. So I've tried to kind of invite other girls at parties to having sex, but they've always said no. I guess I'm not really good-looking and all that but I have the confidence. I would love to see if it's more than just a fantasy. Maybe I'm doing something wrong?

It's really hard to get to know new people where I live because it's a small town where everyone knows everyone. So then you get worried about stuff like; If I sleep with her, maybe people will start talking, and I mean saying really mean things. You see, most of the people I know, except for my closest friends, aren't open to masturbating women and same-sex sex.

This really makes it hard for me to bring the subject up sometimes. What should I do?

Dear B,

A friend of mine said the advice she got from a guy who was her therapist was to ask 100 women to have sex with you and the 99th one will accept. In other words keep asking and changing your approach. When you finally get a yes, tell me which one worked and I'll post it anonymously. Good luck.

Dr. Betty

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