I Have Floorgasms

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Betty Dodson

Hi Betty,

I didn't realize it at first, but I've been masturbating since a very young age, although it has not been by direct clitoral or vaginal stimulation. Instead I get on the floor, stomach to the ground, and intensely push downward with my vagina. With a bit of fantasy and muscle clenching, I can orgasm pretty easily - though they are mild. (I've never had very intense ones). This however, has never translated to intercourse for me. I cannot seem to orgasm through penetration, oral sex, or him trying to stimulate me. I've never orgasmed through clitoral or vaginal stimulation, though I guess my 'floorgasm's are some kind of stimulation.

How can I translate this to having sex with my partner? He would love to share the experience with me.

~ k

Dear K,

It will take time and practice to learn another masturbation technique. Go to First Time Orgasm and follow my simple directions. Get "Sex for One" and/or "Orgasms for Two" and read the books. Share them with your boyfriend.
Pressing into the floor is engaging your clitoris indirectly not your vagina which is the birth canal.

First you must learn all the different parts of your sex organ. Given your childhood technique of pressing into a hard floor, I recommend you roll over and start using a vibrator on and around your clitoris. Give yourself at least 10 to 20 minutes to practice this new position and then end with "old faithful" so you won't end up frustrated. Very few women ever have orgasms from vaginal penetration only, but combining penetration with some form of direct clitoral stimulation works for the largest number. It's fun to practice orgasm so don't forget to enjoy yourself.

Dr. Betty