I Have Absolutely No Sex Drive

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Hi Dr. Betty,

I'm 46 years old and peri-menopausal. I'm also on anti-anxiety meds right now. The result? I have absolutely no sex drive!! And when I try to have sex with my husband, I don't get wet like I used to and my orgasms elude me (and I'm used to having multiple orgasms every time!!). A sure fire way for me to cum is for my hubby to eat my pussy. That's how I have all my orgasms.

For the past many many months, however....NOTHING! I don't self lubricate and I don't cum. Not to mention I don't crave sex anymore (something I always loved!). Is this totally normal for a woman my age? Will I get my drive back once menopause is done?

How long will that take? What's a girl to do?


Dear K,

Your loss of sexual interest and the ability to orgasm is due to the anti-depressant med you are taking. See if your doctor will lower the dose of prescribe something else. You might consider alternative healing modalities for the common occurrence of menopause. It happens to all of us and many women deal with the discomforts through diet, yoga or meditation and avoid the meds all together to get your orgasms back.

Dr. Betty

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