I Get Cramps When I Orgasm

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Dear Dr. Betty,

Lately I experience cramps when I reach orgasm which pretty much takes the fun out of my orgasms. The cramps do not appear every time I masturbate but they are really distracting and the satisfaction does not set in as the sensation is not the same. The cramps feel like the ones I have while menstruating (which isn't much fun either) although I am not.

I wonder if you ever heard of any similar cases and have some advice for me.

Thank you so much for everything.


Dear M,

Yes, I've heard of this complaint before and the source of the pain can be varied. If you Google pelvic pain during orgasm a lot of info comes up. Several women found answers by going to a Physical Therapist who works with the muscles in the pelvic area.

Women have been encouraged to do their Kegel exercises to avoid urinary incontinence later in life but tightening the muscle can be over done. We also need to know how to relax or release those same muscles. If you check out the left side of our website, under pelvic floor muscles you will reach an entry titled

Move Over Kegels...To Keep "Toned" It's About Squats

the author Katey talks about learning to release those same muscles with Squats. She offers several exercises you can practice to accomplish this easily.

Dr. Betty

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