I Find Myself Repressing My Desire to be Sexual Because It's Not Proper

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Betty Dodson

Hi Betty,

I'm 34 and have always had a healthy sex drive. I have had anonymous sex and I love it. I find myself repressing my desire to be sexual, because it's not "proper". I don't have sex regularly, because I do not have a partner. So, that leaves me quite frustrated.

I want to give myself permission to have protected sex with as many men as I like, because I simply like sex. How do I move past the social norms and finally embrace who I am.

Dear S,

So go ahead and give yourself permission to have protected sex with as many men as you like. That's what I did and I've never regretted a moment after I knew how to handle contraception, was a trained martial artist who could handle myself if their was a physical conflict and I'd mastered the ability to "run the fuck" which meant getting what I wanted.

I wouldn't recommend this to any woman who was a bottom looking for love everlasting. Read my sexual memoir where I tell all in living detail.

Dr. Betty


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