I Ejaculated But Did I Orgasm?

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Hi Betty,

I had an interesting experience recently while playing at a swing club with my husband. This guy started playing with my vulva and said that he was going to make me "squirt". I thought that was unlikely since I'd never had it happen before. I was thoroughly enjoying the sensations and was apparently very loud. Suddenly I realize that I'm being sprinkled with something wet and realize that I am ejaculating on myself. The whole process took only about 5 or so minutes, mind you, I had been touched prior to this for sometime as well.

What is odd about the experience is that I didn't feel like I'd had an orgasm. I had a very intense building sensation, but no noticeable spasm or peak. Did I have an orgasm? My usual method of orgasm is a vibrator with your wonderful barbell inside me. There is never a question that I've had an earth shattering orgasm that way. I have also recently started having very small hands-free orgasms while driving in my car. They happen when I squeeze and release my pc muscle several times and then a small fluttery spasm follows. It is quite small and I am not completely sure that's what it is, but it does feel good and seems to get more pronounced as time goes on.

So, what do you think happened to me? Is it a different type of orgasm that will become more pronounced as I pay attention to the sensations?

Thank you for your input.

Dear F,

Pressing into the ceiling of the vagina contacts the urethral sponge that lies directly above. When a woman is turned on, this spongy material fills up with blood as it is erectile tissue. The so-called G spot isn't a spot but part of the internal clitoral system. The fluid expelled has similar qualities to the alkaline fluid put out by a man's prostate gland to protect the sperm traveling through a woman's acidic vagina as it heads for a fallopian tube with an egg ready to be fertilized. All of our complicated genital equipment is still aimed at procreation and Mother Nature makes all of this feel so good that we'll keep doing it.

Many women who ejaculate also report it is not the same as having orgasm. Some believe it's better because men adore seeing it happen, and as you know, women do like to please men. And as you said, it's pleasant but not the same as having an orgasm from direct stimulation of your clit with a Barbell in your vagina. Agreed.

Flexing your PC muscle is great. Yes, those little fluttery spasms are part of the orgasmic response. You are using the same muscles when you enjoy those big earth shattering orgasms from direct clitoral stimulation. It's all good so enjoy every sensation you can find and continue to explore your marvelous body.

Dr. Betty

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