I Don't Feel Anything During Penetration

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Betty Dodson

Dear Dr. Betty Hello,

I’m 16 years old by now and I have been dating my boyfriend for 8 months. We have had sex by all this time and I have always experienced the same when he penetrates me, anything. Before penetration we normally masturbate each other and he usually plays with my clitoris, this gives me pleasure but at the same time I get super stressed and I just can think about him stopping masturbating me.

Later on, if there id penetration, I don’t feel any kind of pleasure at all, I just feel his penis moving inside me but without any kind of feeling whereas if he penetrates harder than normal I get a lot of pain. We have tried different positions but the please doesn’t appear.

However, I enjoy a lot when I masturbate myself. What can I do to finally have pleasure when penetration? Please help


Dear J,

Masturbate yourself during partner sex. Stimulate your clitoris while his penis is nearing your vagina. Really go at her once he's fully penetrated and your bodies start moving together.  Your clitoris is leading the way. Please her and every one enjoys.

Dr Betty