I Can Only Get Aroused if I'm High

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I'm 17 years old and I'm from Brazil, so chances are my English is not very good, sorry about that. So I've done sex for the first time last year. At first I didn't know very well what I was doing, but after searching a little (and finding your videos) things got much clearer for me. It took me some time and self discovery to be able to have an orgasm and it felt great. But then I tried having sex after smoking pot and it felt like ten times better.

Now I can only get really aroused if I'm high, I feel like sober sex isn't even satisfying anymore and I almost never reach orgasm. So I always have to smoke a little before the intercourse. I was wondering what is the matter? Why does pot makes me so aroused? And why do I feel almost numb when I attempt to have sex without smoking?

Are there any tips for me to be able to arouse myself without smoking? Thanks for the attention!

Dear L,

The reason Pot is good for sex is that it slows down our brain waves and we become more aware of our bodily sensations of touch, taste and sound. We often over do it in the beginning but once getting high becomes the norm, the thrill fades until it's gone. Just make it a point to have sex at least with yourself straight.

Pace yourself or you'll end up ruining a good thing. After many years of both straight and stoned sex, I can honestly tell you that simply being in a healthy body without pot turns out to be the best high of all.

Dr. Betty


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