How Do You Tell Someone You've Been Treated for an STD?

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Hi Dr. Betty,

Earlier this year I discovered bumps on my outer lips. I was told by the nurse practitioner that they were genital warts. She treated them, they went away, and since then I have not had another recurrence even though I have been under immense stress since then due to work/family issues. I have not really wanted to date/have sex with anyone since because I don't want to deal with the conversation of letting someone know if they have sex with me they will be exposed to genital warts.

I feel like I am starting to get ready to get out there again, any advice on how to tell someone (male or female) about them? How worried should they be about getting them if we have vaginal, oral, or anal sex? I just want to be honest but also don't want to scare people off with something that I have learned is very common, most people have already been exposed to it, and in the end not that big of a deal.



Dear MM,

Your attitude is quite positive. Genital warts and Herpes are as ordinary as the old fashioned common cold. If you listen to germ-phoebe's, you have a contagious disease and they would want to know so they could avoid being intimate with you. People like me who trust their immune system is working won't need to know. The rule of thumb is not to be sexually active when you have an outbreak.

Google genital warts and see how much information is available. Otherwise, I'd say you're doing fine. Keep yourself healthy by avoiding processed and fast food so you can enjoy your sex life.

Dr. Betty


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