How Do I Stimulate My G-spot During Masturbation?

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Betty Dodson


I'm a twenty-year-old woman, and a big fan of yours. My first sexual partner and I drew a lot of inspiration from your videos and articles last year, and I must say you helped us have a delightful and pleasurable time as we discovered our sexualities together.

My question is about fingering myself! I just love it when partners finger me, using two in an up-and-down motion to really stimulate the inner wall of my clitoris. When I try to do that myself, my fingers get tired after just a few 'thrusts'! Is there a particular technique I should be trying?

Thanks as always! Keep it up!

Dear A,

I was delighted to hear I inspired both you and your partner. But I'm confused when you say; "The "inner wall of my clitoris?" If you are referring to the "inner wall of your vagina" I can only conclude I'm not such a good teacher. So I'll assume that's the case since the damn G spot can be stimulated by pressing, rubbing, pounding or poking on the ceiling of the vagina indirectly contacting the urethral sponge that surrounds the urinary tract (part of the clitoral structure) providing indirect contact with a woman's primary organ of sexual pleasure, the CLITORIS.

Meanwhile, the clitoral glans sits outside and above the vaginal opening just longing for a little attention. Try some organic massage oil on your fingers and touch her oh so gently. She will happily respond to the lightest of touch. Or did I misunderstand your question? If you still prefer vaginal stimulation then get a dildo that curves up at the end. Otherwise you will be dependent on your BF for all of your orgasms. Not recommended.

Dr. Betty