How Do I Raise Sexually Open-Minded Children?

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I find your views spot on and full of clear guidance within the darkness of repression within and around us. To bring us further out of the darkness can you point to some articles or respond with your current thoughts on raising children so as to foster openness about sexuality and specifically the ability to accept and enjoy pleasure as adults later in life?

My current take on the matter is to make sure we as parents work on our own attitudes, behaviors and allow pleasure whether it be sexual or not into to home. And, when our kids make observations, we talk openly about the topics as best as possible working with the child's own level of understanding. Realizing that the key point is not restricting masturbation when self discovery occurs, what other salient points are pertinent to sexual education in the home during upbringing?

Thanks in advance if you have the time and choose to respond. May your travels be pleasurable.


Dear J,

I applaud your current understanding of raising sex-positive happy children. There is not much more I could add to what you have already stated. The most important aspect is to enjoy the sexlife you are currently having with your wife that usually includes open displays of affection between the two of you.

And of course not to interfere with their sexual explorations via masturbation. You don't have to encourage or condemn it. And answering their sex question with age appropriate information is perfect. You're a great Dad, so here's to a Happy Father's Day!

Dr. Betty

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