HELP..I Think I have 3 Labia

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Dear Dr. Betty,

i'm not sure what i'm hoping you'll tell me but i think i'll feel better with your advice. i noticed in my early teens that one of my labia was slightly larger than the other and discolored. It seems to have been steadily getting larger and hanging down more and more over the years to the point that i've been too embarrassed to look down there for at least a year. after exploring your website last night i decided it was time to have a look and i cant believe how bad it has gotten. somehow it now looks like i have 3 labia minora. its often uncomfortable for me to wear certain underwear and also enjoy cycling (which i do every day for work).

i guess what i want to know is if there's something i'm doing thats making it worse that i can stop doing and if it is actually normal to have one perfectly 'normal', small labia and one very large one? any input would be greatly appreciated.

My Darling Bibbeloo

When are women going to accept all the natural variations in their sex organs? Good grief, like our eyes, noses and mouths, every person is different and that includes ear lobes, eyeballs and nose holes. Too embarrassed to look "down there" makes you sound like such a wimp. Get a grip! Yes, you are perfectly normal with one small labia and one very large one. That's sounds just like my vulva. When you say it appears you have three labia minora, that's great. All the more to suck, lick and chew on when a lover discovers your charms.

If you have looked at my Genital Art Gallery, surely you can see the vast differences. Now if you want to become a porn star, they would want you to remove those lovely petals. If you manage to convince yourself that an inch or two of labia actually interferes with bike riding, that's enough reason to get them surgically removed. But how do you think guys manage to ride a bike with a sack holding two testicles that hangs down a lot further than your labia? Why don't you take a photo of you vulva and submit it to my gallery with an essay that tells how you reclaimed your sex organ which greatly enhanced your self-esteem to say nothing of how it improved your orgasms. Now get out that mirror and look again until you can see some beauty in the form of your vulva.

Dr. Betty

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