He Has Herpes. I Do Not. Is Risk-Free Sex Possible?

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Dr. Betty,

I hope you are in good spirits, as you're reading this.

I have met a potential sexual partner, who revealed to me on our first coffee date that he has herpes, and is on daily antivirals. This did not completely rule out us having sex, however, I am concerned about the rate of transmission. I've done my research, but would still like your opinion.

Do you believe having sex with an HSV suffer is too risky?

Thank you for your time,

Miss. Chief

Dear C,

Since a large portion of the population has Herpes (which I see much like the common cold) you are narrowing your field of possible lovers. I have Herpes outbreaks from time to time and lived with a sex partner for 10 years who never contacted the virus.

And I never took any of that anti-viral Big Pharma crap at $300 a bottle. What a rip-off. So anyone with a healthy immune system who avoids sex with a partner who has an active blister will not catch it. That's my take.

Dr. Betty

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