Hate My Chubby Pubic Mound

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Betty Dodson

Dear Betty,

I'm 22 years old. I'm a nurse and have never been heavy a day in my life. I'm 6 feet and 1 inches tall and weigh 136 pounds.

But I think my Vagina is abnormal. I have a very chubby pubic mound meaning lots of extra flesh" My boyfriend calls it my bumper'LOL I also have very thick lips that completely cover my clit. I've had multiple sexual partners and all of them had never seen a vagina like mine. Is this normal, or is there something wrong????

Please let me know.

Dear K,

Please go to our genital art gallery or look at my drawing of vulva's. Before you start worrying about whether or not your sex organ is normal, let me encourage you to use a proper name. The vagina is the birth canal which leads everyone to believe that procreative sex will give a woman an orgasm. Wrong! Very few women come from a penis thrusting inside a vagina. So can we agree to call the female sex organ a Vulva?

Now on to your concern. You have a darling "pillow pussy" that is treasured by many. Or a vulva pillow. Thick inner lips and a hood that covers your clitoris is what most women have. You are not only normal but sexually endowed with a gorgeous sex organ. Please make an effort to appreciate and enjoy your divine Vulva.

Dr. Betty

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