The Hand Phallus Dalliance

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A devotee of the RPM(Rejuvenating Power of Masturbation) shared with me a most novel perspective about how the hand and phallus interact during autoerotic interludes. We often think of our hands as manual laborers toiling tirelessly to satisfy the lustful appetites of our genital regalia with little recompense or reciprocal benefit. These manual artisans handily craft the most sublime ecstatic adventures yet seemingly lack the means to profit from their dexterity and savvy. All the orgasmic bliss gets funded to the cock’s account while the servile hands can do little but await the next summons, or so it appears…

‘Just as the hand pleases the cock, so does the cock please the hand.’ His perspective reverberated profoundly within my preconceived notions of the masturbatory dynamic. I had never considered this complementary relationship whereby giver and taker get subsumed into a mutualistic enterprise of pleasure. But wait, there is compelling evidence to support this notion.

Our fingertips are among the most sensitive parts of the body densely packed with thousands of nerve endings which produce complex patterns of nervous impulses. These convey information about the size, shape, and texture of objects and our ability to identify objects by touch and manipulate them. The nerve endings in our fingertips can perform complex neural computations that were thought to be carried out by the brain according to new research published in the journal Nature Neuroscience.

Sensory neurons in the fingertips perform mathematical calculations that provide us with geometric information about objects we touch. This exciting discovery debunks the understanding that such computations are reserved for neurons in the brain whereby our touch experiences have already been processed by neurons in the fingertips before they reach the brain for processing.

The significance of this ‘brain power’ in fingertips has transformed the sensate focus of my RPM practices. During a hand phallus dalliance, I often shift focus between the pleasures registered between my legs and that emanating from my hands. I enlist my genitalia to titillate my hands then revert back to my hands to return the favor. I now consider my hands as part of my erogeneity and entitled to their own caresses and euphoria. I value these hands and fingers as honored artisans capable of not only replenishing my mind, body, and spirit, but also as colleagues deriving pleasure from their own creative encounters.

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