Guys Say My Clitoris is Too Big

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Dear Dr. Betty,

I'm 20 yrs old. I been feeling really self conscious about my vagina or clit in particular. I have been told by a few sex partners that my clit is "huge"...I'm too embarrassed to ask my GYN. But it pisses me off/hurts my self esteem when guys say this to me.. Do you think I should get that surgery?

What do you think I should do, if anything?


Dear Self Conscious,

I think you should educate yourself about female sexuality. Your vagina is the birth canal. So I suggest women use the term vulva when referring to our sex organs. There is no surgery that can reduce the size of your clitoris unless you want it removed which is called "Female Genital Mutilation". This is done to young women in some (Muslim) countries so they will not experience pleasure from orgasms.

You may be referring to your inner lips. There is information all over the website about this stupid unnecessary and possibly dangerous procedure. They are also part of our arousal as they fill up with blood and get erect when we are turned on. If you are indeed referring to your clitoris, I suggest you consider what a guy would think if he had a large penis? Trust me, he would take great pride in it. Why are so many women the victim of every man's opinion? Time for you to grow up and take control of your life. Look at the vulva drawings on the site or in my book "Sex for One." Go to our genital art gallery and observe the vast variation in our sex organs.

Dr. Betty

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