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The last workshop of the season always feels like a huge accomplishment.  In ten years, we've never cancelled a group.  We've never had to call in sick.  I fractured my tail bone last season but we were still up for Bodysex - and props to Betty for always being ready to hold the space....even at 90.    

This group was very thoughtful and there for transformation.  It always amazes me how strong women are, how we keep on going despite the greatest of challenges.  We had women from Barcelona, Portugal, both coasts and several locals.  The energy between the women was remarkable.  There was so much love and support that it was an honor to hold the space for them.

This was my second solo genital show and tell.  Things have shifted so organically that it reaffirms the divine nature of Bodysex.  I sit next to the women going through the ritual while Betty looks on and adds her humor and insight.  It works on so many levels, better than we were before.  With each circle, I grow as a person as my relationship with Betty expands and deepens. One of the women shared how she felt so "safe" in the circle - I think part of that is the trust and regard Betty and I have for each other.  It's genuine and it's infectious.

Erotic recess kicked off with a bang of orgasms.  I thought there would be more of a build up but there wasn't.  When we heal, we allow ourselves to fully embrace pleasure.  The most feminist thing you can do is to not give a fuck, to move forward and take what's yours: your body, your orgasm, your joy. 


erotic recess


As we sat and nibbled on strawberries and caramels, one of the women asked if we could go around the circle and do another share.  She described how she had a fantasy in the circle that freed her from past trauma.  Her face looked different.  The women were inspired by her story and started sharing their deepest pain and experiences but not in the context of victimhood but rather the context of transformation and release.  A woman shared how if she was masturbating on a regular basis - having regular orgasms - as a young woman that she'd never have stayed in an abusive marriage.  She understood how self love and orgasm are the foundation of self-esteem.  It was a profound moment.  

Usually I ask the women if they want to stay in contact and share their email addresses.  For this past season's workshops, the women have connected on What's App and Telegram (chat apps).  They add me to the group and I watch all the messages pop up on my phone.  One group has over 500 messages.  Bodysex is such wonderful community.  I have this fantasy image of millions of Bodysex women from all over the world connecting, sharing, voting - taking over the world.  

It was a beautiful weekend.  Thank you





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