Every Time I Have Sex with Boyfriend I Get a UTI

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Hi Betty,

My boyfriend and I are in a long-distance relationship, so we haven't seen each other since New Year's and we won't see each other until early March. The months leading up to my return to the US, I noticed a gradual build-up of a sort of tickling feeling when I peed, which grew a bit uncomfortable. Around Christmas, it developed into a full-blown UTI--extremely painful, peeing blood, horrible stomachaches and nausea. I was prescribed a heavy dose of Levaquin and sent on my way. It cleared up quickly, and I took care to drink cranberry juice twice a day and take acidophilus. My boyfriend came to visit on New Year's, and since I was feeling okay, we had sex.

The next day the stomachache returned, and the UTI was back. I went on Levaquin again, this time developing a yeast infection and a burning feeling while I peed. It didn't go away for weeks. I'm seeing my boyfriend again in a month, and I want to have fun sex all week long, but I'm worried it'll happen again. I'm not sure if his size has anything to do with it; he's average in length but well above average in girth (and I'm pretty small and still have problems with pain upon entry). Please help! I don't want to be on antibiotics for the rest of my life!

With great thanks,

Dear K,

The antibiotics are part of the problem, not the solution. There is a product called D-Manose which is a white powder taken with water. It's a sugar that doesn't get used for energy and like cranberry juice, it flushes out the urethra. Problem with cranberry juice is that we really drink enough to heal and outbreak but it's more like a maintenance thing. I already have posted an essay on UTI's. I went through a similar phase when I reactivated penetration sex ten years ago. If you're on the pill and he's coming inside you it will take time for your body to adjust to his chemistry. It might be as simple as having him wash his hands and penis before you make contact.

Do not use anti-bacterial soap as it reduces our own immune system's ability to respond. If you are using condoms you might be allergic to latex or the lube you are using. The heavy anti-biotics will always mess up your flora and fauna so go with a pro-biotic like D-Manose and acidophiles.
Yes, his size matters. You need to be much more turned on before penetration takes place. Have him masturbate right before you have intercourse so he can wait. You need to have at least one orgasm before he goes for vaginal penetration, either manual or oral or with your vibrator. Vaginal pain indicates he[s going too fast before you are ready and that alone can cause a UTI by irritating your urethra as he pushes inside. This is nothing too serious but damn painful.

So slow down and take care of yourself before you please him.

Dr. Betty

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