Embarrassed About My Big Clitoris

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Hi Dr. Betty,

I'm a humongous fan of yours and you have completely changed my outlook on sex, love, and life in general. So thank you! I have a question for you. When I stand up with my legs pressed together you can see my clitoral hood quite easily, as well as my inner labia. It's all hanging out for everyone to see. Is this normal?

I tend to dance around naked with my girlfriends a lot and none of them look like this. Most of them just have single slits and some have protruding inner labia, but no one's clitoral hood is as visible as mine. I'm a huge fan of every part of my vulva (I've had three orgasms today alone!) and I'm quite confident in bed, but I've never seen another girl with anatomy like mine, and as empowered as I like to think I am, it kind of bothers me sometimes. In your experience, is this kind of vulva common?

Dear S,

Congratulations! You have a sizable clitoris the sits forward and upfront. It's rather unusual and quite charming. I have only known two other women with this particular arrangement. When or if you ever strap on a dildo, as you thrust forward your clit will be engaged. Lucky you! Now enjoy your uniqueness. Celebrate by entering a pic of your vulva in my Genital Art Gallery!

Dr. Betty

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