Does Too Much Sex Make Labia Longer?

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Dear Dr. Betty,

The other day my boyfriend commented on my labia minora.. telling me it was longer than normal... or that it looked "weird". I suppose it does look kinda weird.. I guess I just never really thought about it because no one really brought it to my attention. He thinks it's that way because "I was promiscuous in my past"... even though I wasn't and have never been. Would too much sex with your partner though stretch or make your labia longer or seem to hang lower? I'm so self conscious about it now.. and don't know if I should get surgery or not. It's pretty expensive.. it just sucks when your own boyfriend questions or thinks that you had some like crazy past.. when I'm pretty sure.. I was just born like this? Am I right? What exactly causes a girls labia to be longer than "normal"?

Dear S,

Throughout my sexually uninformed youth, I thought my inner lips had been stretched from too much childhood masturbation! However, I had the good fortune of meeting an informed boyfriend who preferred my
"style" of vulva and said so many times. After many years of viewing women's genitals, I can assure you that extended inner lips are perfectly normal and quite beautiful.

Keep your lovely labia and dump your stupid boyfriend. Good grief woman, what makes him an expert on women's sex organs? And if you want to talk about something that looks weird, check out his wrinkled ball sack. He has some nerve telling you it's the result of promiscuity whatever that means. His funny balls might be the result of lack-of-pussy. Please go to the Genital Art Gallery and spend time viewing the many lovely inner lips, which are like the petals on a flower.

Dr. Betty

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