Do You Believe the Female Sex Drive Exceeds the Male Sex Drive?

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Dr. Dodson,

A few years ago, you wrote

"I would agree with the Orthodox Jews on this one point. . . .men can't do anything but have sexual intercourse with their wives, while she can do anything like masturbate, use vibes, dildos, porn anything at all. It a reverse double standard in a way. The female sex drive far exceeds that of the male but it remains one of the best kept secrets thanks to our sexual double standard."

I thought that was very interesting because it's not what I typically hear from experts. Do you still stand by this? Is it because we have limited energy, while women have limitless?


Dear R,

I would change my words to clarify that BOTH sexes benefit from masturbation! However the statement: "The female sex drive far exceeds that of the male" is quite accurate. Today I'd change the term "sex drive" to "sexual appetite" or better yet, "sexual capabilities" once she has overcome sex negative messages all women get within our Judeo-Christian nation that fosters fear, ignorance and sexual repression.

This is because so many otherwise intelligent people are still hooked on the Bible that never was the "The word of god" but a collection of different philosophies written by many different men over an extended period of time. Outdated to say the least and destructive to tell the truth.

I'm the kind of author who could edit what I say forever as each run through helps to clarify my thoughts. Especially when it comes to sex as I'm questioning ideas that were put in place by the fuckless Judeo-Christian religions that have left us all sexually wounded in the backwaters of our human potential. So put that in your pipe and smoke it, just add a little pot to the mix.

Betty Dodson

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