Do Large Labia Run in Families?

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Dear Dr. Betty,

Is the size/ shape of a woman's labia genetically linked? i.e. If a woman has large Labia does that mean her mom/ sister's are likely to have the same? Do things like sexual intercourse, masturbation, Child berth contribute to "Large" labia?

Dear J,

Good question.

I actually had the rare opportunity to view my mother's vulva after I'd published my first book Liberating Masturbation with the 15 pen & ink pussy portraits. Mother wanted to know if I'd look at her "down there" because she thought there might be something the doctor did wrong after her last baby. I thought she was referring to a possible episiotomy where they cut the bottom of the vaginal opening to make more room for the baby. (A clean cut is easier to repair than a tear).

We looked into the same mirror together and to my surprise, her inner labia were small and symmetrical unlike my long uneven dangling labia. I had assumed we would be similar. Nope! Not so. When I commented on it she admitted she was often concerned about the form of my labia wondering if it was "normal." I assured her I was average. More than half of the thousands of women's genitals I have viewed in workshops and private sessions over the years have extended inner lips. It has nothing to do with genetics, intercourse, masturbation or childbirth as far as I know.

Unfortunately porn has created an ideal vulva fashion for Ken Dolls who want a prepubescent Barbie Doll instead of a fully orgasmic woman with some meat!

Dr. Betty

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