Do Any Other Women Get Stomach Cramping After Sex?

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Betty Dodson

Dear Dr. Betty,

Do any other women get stomach cramping after sex? What about a funny scent after anal sex?

A few days ago this guy I have been dating came over. He's rather rough and we had some fairly violent vaginal and anal sex. At the time I didn't feel anything wrong, my cervix weren't hit and my anus didn't feel particularly hurt. However, the next day I experienced bad stomach cramping in my abdomen and a sharp pain between my lower ribs- which I think would be located in my stomach. I was completely doubled over for a little while. I also experienced a funny odor, which I think originated from my butt- maybe from my colon or something? Not a particular gross odor, just strange... not a scent I've ever experienced before.

It smelled sort of acidic. I have had the same stomach cramping from rough vaginal sex other times, so I don't think that is related to the anal sex- but the odor I am curious about. I feel alright now, but am wondering if there is any explanation for either of those things. I was thinking maybe air was introduced to my reproductive tract, which could account for the cramping, but the sharp pain and the funny scent have me mind boggled. If anyone has experienced this before I'd be curious to hear about it.

Dear Anon,

I'm not a big fan of rough sex. Nothing wrong with a strong grip from your partner or a bit of hair pulling or a smart spanking, but you must have clear boundaries and state your limits. The one time I experienced a large dick banging into me was like doing battle while trying to defend myself. The next day my insides were very sore which ended that affair. I can't even imagine having rough anal sex unless a person is drunk out of their mind. Whatever the scent was that you smelled, maybe it was your body telling you that kind of sexual activity stinks. Obviously the scent would have something to do with feces since the lower bowel holds shit that's about to be eliminated. Even the large colon has fecal matter in it at all times.

Perhaps you need to ask this question on a site aimed for masochists who enjoy this kind of extreme sexual activity that creates pain before one is entitled to experience pleasure in the form of punishment. The reason I'm so judgemental is because your vagina and anal canal are not made of steel. I hope you develop more respect for your body and in the future never let some jackass slam into you like what you described. Unless you were very well paid and even then, once would be enough.

Dr. Betty