Do All Women's Vaginas Pulse During Orgasm?

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Dear Dr. Betty,

My wife is a big fan of the Hitachi Magic Wand (thanks to you). After a warm up period with the wand, I am lucky to be able to pleasure her with a large dildo. (How I wish I was that big!) This is a guaranteed orgasm for her - never fails. I really love this ritual as it allows me to enjoy her visually - there is nothing quite so powerful as watching a woman you love enjoying an orgasm. She always takes the dildo out when she reaches orgasm and her vagina pulses repeatedly. It is truly the most powerful thing I have ever seen and I can't get enough of it.

My question is, do all women have this pulsing in their vagina when they orgasm? It is no subtle thing - big strong contractions that cannot be missed. When watching up close shots in porn, I have rarely seen anything quite like it.

Thank you.

Dear B,

What a wise man you are!

If only more men could understand what you already know. Since my private practice is teaching women about orgasm, I often get to see these beautiful images of a woman having an orgasm. Not all women's vaginas pulsate as obviously as your wife's does. It's a question of degree. Since she has no restrictions on what she wants and needs to come so powerfully, you get to see the results of giving a woman exactly what she desires to come full out! If only more men were secure enough to offer their woman a good vibrator and a big dildo(her choice) they too could enjoy what we already relish.

When friends ask if I'm going to have another love affair, my recent answer has been, "I'd love to have someone hold my dildo while I masturbate."

Dr. Betty

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