Did Squeezing My Legs Together Ruin My Orgasm?

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Betty Dodson

Dear Dr. Betty,

When I was quite young I started masturbating by crossing my legs and then rubbing my thighs. At that time, I didn't knew at all what it is, but since I used to like it I continued doing it. I used to come within minutes. now when I try to masturbate I am not able to have an orgasm.

I feel a pleasant pressure but that's it..Nothing more than bf touched me, used to finger me often but it was of no use. I wanted to know if this cross legged rubbing has affected my sexual life? Will I will be able to have an orgasm.?

Also when I am touching myself I feel like urinating. is that fine? And if it  is fine what should I do to overcome this feeling and enjoy touching myself.? Please help me.


Dear L,

Your cross-legged style of masturbation is quite common among women. Please read "Upgrading Your Masturbation" on the website. Keep practicing and your orgasms will get even better. Don't penetrate your vagina, simply stay with your clitoris for your orgasms.

Experiment! Be playful. It's not so serious. Remember, sex is about pleasure!