Did I Damage My Clitoris with Electric Toothbrush?

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First I would like to say that I am so happy I discovered your site! I have learned so much and am becoming far more comfortable with myself. As for my question...When I was about 13 I got the idea to use my electric toothbrush to masturbate. It was amazing and I have used it since (I'm 20). Outside of laying under the shower faucet this is the only way I have ever had an orgasm. I'm very concerned that masturbating with the electric toothbrush may have damaged my clitoris and made me less sensitive there.

Is it possible to lose sensation in the clitoris from masturbating this way and how can I regain sensitivity?

Thank you!

Dear J,

Not to worry. Actually you have sensitized your clitoris by stimulating it on a regular basis. The electric toothbrush was made into a vibrator years ago and it's sold online as the Eroscillator.

I suggest you get a real vibrator such as that one or my latest favorite the Mystic Wand. Also to become more versatile, go to "First Time Orgasm" on our website and follow my steps for getting more in touch with your sex organ. I suggest you start off each solo-sex session with a vulva massage to stay "in touch" with your clitoris while using my almond massage oil. Practice makes perfect or at least makes it better gradually.

Dr. Betty

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