Deep Penetration Hurts After First Child

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Hello Betty,

I am a in my early 30's and have very little interest in sex. My husband is a sex addict and we are always butting heads.

Sex is great when we have time but I still have issues. Most of the concern is deep penetration. It hurts like hell and it really stops me from focusing on my orgasm. It feels like a very strong pinch.

This has been going on since I had my first child. I was fine before then. Can you please help me figure this out?


Dear I,

When some aspect of penetration sex is painful, don't do it. Instead give him a blow job or manual sex instead.

Deep penetration that hurts means you are doing something wrong. Until you figure this out, do oral or manual.

Sex between partners is about PLEASURE not pain. I also use additional lubrication like Almond oil. It's possible his penis is too big and pushes into your uterus. In which case he can shorten his stroke.

Also to increase your interest in sex, be sure to masturbate regularly. Talk to your husband and tell him about the pain that you feel. He can adjust his stroke to accommodate your vagina.

Dr Betty

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