Can You Permanently Desensitize Your Clitoris?

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Dr. Betty-

I know you're probably going to say that I'm just being paranoid, but here goes:

About a week ago, my boyfriend was rubbing my clit, and he did it quite a bit too hard. It took me a few days to recover. My clit was almost completely numb and wouldn't become erect in the slightest. It has feeling again in it now and is becoming erect when I'm aroused, but the pleasure I used to get from rubbing it is almost entirely gone.

Prior to this, my clit was not very sensitive. The only real pleasure I would get from it was from touching the glans itself, very gently. Now, I can barely feel any pleasure from touching any part of it, whether I touch it lightly or apply pressure. I've tried different techniques, used oils,and taken plenty of time, but nothing feels quite right anymore. I know that it's not possible to permanently desensitize your clitoris, but I'm concerned that my already-insensitive clit has become even more insensitive.

I've only ever had one orgasm. This in itself isn't concerning for me because I'm 17 years old. I'm just worried that having an insensitive clit will make it extremely difficult for me to orgasm when I want to in the future. Again, this is probably just me being dramatic and paranoid, but if there's something I can do to fix this other than what I've already tried, I'd love to know.


Dear L,

When a person is seeking sex information I would never accuse them of being paranoid. Your question is quite legitimate.

First lesson: Speak up when he tortures your clit by pressing too hard. He can't read your mind so it's on you to tell him, or better yet, SHOW him how you like to be touched.

Second lesson: Do not stimulate the clitoral glans directly. That's why we have the clitoral hood covering her. And always use some kind of organic oil for touching your vulva anywhere and everywhere.

Third lesson: leave your clitoris alone for a while. Let her recover from your boyfriends attack after getting his sex ed from hardcore porn. Followed by your fussing over her even more. Both of you need to read around D&R alone or together and educate yourselves about orgasmic sex for both girls and boys.

Dr. Betty

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