Can Multiple Orgasms Give You Migraines?

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Dear Dr. Betty,

I have a question about the Hitachi, multiple orgasms and side effects. My girlfriend and I are both 51 and have a great sex life. She loves sex but would like to have more orgasms. Until last weekend, she had never had a multiple orgasm. As a little background, we rarely use sex toys and she orgasms about 75% of the time, almost always from clitoral stimulation after intercourse, either from my tongue or my finger.

Only twice in four years has she reached orgasm without any clitoral stimulation, and both of those times involved stimulating her g spot. I bought her a Hitachi Magic Wand and on the first two attempts to use it, she had an intense but very short orgasm within 30 seconds of massaging her clit with the Hitachi. However, on the third try, after a long session of intercourse and oral sex, she then rode the Hitachi and had about two minutes of powerful multiple orgasms, each one getting more intense than the last. She said it was like riding a giant wave that kept getting bigger and more powerful. Her first orgasm would not subside and the next one started, each one getting stronger.

The problem was that after two minutes of multiple orgasms, she fell down on the bed with intense pain behind her left eye and a severe headache. I immediately put a wet, cold towel over her eye and gave her two advil. Her eye pain subsided within 15 minutes but she had remnants of the headache all day. I think she overdosed on the Hitachi and now I feel bad as I was the one holding it against her clitoris. Have you ever heard of such a side effect and how do you recommend we use the Hitachi? She loved having her first multiple orgasm and she wants to have many more multiple orgasms.

However, she is now reluctant to use the Hitachi again due to the eye pain and headache.

Dear D,

Yes, I've heard of women having headaches after an intense session of multiple orgasms with the Hitachi. I believe one of the reasons for this is that she is not breathing sufficiently to get enough oxygen into her brain with most of it going to her genitals. As a rule, I always suggest softening the vibes with a soft cloth between the vibe and clitoris. Also it would be best if she had the controls instead of you holding the Wand.

While she manages the Wand you can massage her breasts, whisper sweet things in her ear or nibble on her neck while you hold her or lie alongside.

But don't feel badly because no permanent damage was done. Ah yes, the technology of electric orgasms is fairly new. It just has to be paced like everything else. Sort of like overeating at a fabulous restaurant and getting a tummy ache afterward. I suggest she use the Hitachi by herself and pace it for her body. Then she can invite you to join her. You're doing great with your open mindedness experimenting with all the latest sex skills.
Dr. Betty