Boyfriend Can't Ejaculate Inside Me

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Hi Dr's Betty and Carlin

I've been with my first boyfriend for about five months now, and we're having a great time together. We've been intimate pretty much since the beginning of our relationship, and I've since come to realize how much I like sex! I have no trouble coming, but he does. We've had success with masturbation and oral, but he has a hard time ejaculating inside me.

We've tried talking about it, but we haven't really come up with a solution. I'm not trying to get pregnant or anything, but it'd be nice to not be the only one having an orgasm in bed. Any suggestions?


Dear S,

I used to long for a boyfriend who had delayed ejaculation. That way we could have sex far longer and there would be no worry about getting pregnant or having a smelly pussy later (depending upon the ejaculate) or semen running down my leg later on. The more you focus on this issue the more entrenched it will become.

Why does it matter how he has his orgasm? The same as I tell women with delayed orgasm problems, when he goes soft and she still wants more, share a dildo and masturbate for her orgasm. Why can't you enjoy your orgasm and when he wants to come either one of you do manual sex or you could finish him off with oral sex. We need to expand the ways for couples to enjoy partnersex and stop being hooked on penis/vagina intercourse as the be all of heterosexuality. Even if you ever did want to get pregnant, there are many ways to do this without him ejaculating inside your vagina. Be more creative.

Dr. Betty

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