Is Anal Penetration For a Guy Similar to Vaginal Penetration For a Woman?

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Betty Dodson

Dear Betty--

I have a question I'm hoping you can answer. I have always been a heterosexual male, but I have also always been curious about what the sexual experience is like for a woman. Obviously, some acts are identical--manual stimulation, oral sex, and (passive) anal intercourse are available to both. However, vaginal intercourse is not. So one must be contented with anal intercourse.

My question is this: Is anal intercourse sufficiently similar in sensation and experience, that one could say one has experienced what (vaginal) sexual intercourse is like from a woman's point of view? If so, I would be interested in trying it.

I am wondering, if I become bisexual, will it be difficult to find female partners who accept this?

Thank you very much.


Dear T,

I applaud you for asking this question. I have always thought if more men could experience anal penetration they would be better at entering a vagina or another persons anus. Too many men plunge in like there's not a moment to spare in case she changes her mind!

Experiencing anal penetration would be similar to vaginal penetration to a degree. You would want to be sexually aroused, use plenty of lube and go slow. This is true for both orifices and being aware of the pelvic floor muscles would also help. Using the PC muscle while stimulating both primary sex organs: penis and clitoris at the same time penetration is taking place is my personal preference.

To experience anal penetration does not require having sex with a man although I support bisexuality. I always recommend trying a new sexual technique on yourself first so get an anal dildo or butt plug and begin to experiment. Or your girlfriend can get a dildo and penetrate you. If you do become bisexual just make sure you play safe by using condoms. Personally, I don't believe it's anyone's business whether someone is straight, bi or gay. It's up to each individual to share this information or not. Have fun!

Dr. Betty