Am I the Only Woman Who Has Rape Fantasies?

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Betty Dodson

Dear Dr. Betty,

I know it may not be normal...I feel like a pervert sometimes, but sometimes I fantasize about being raped. Is that wrong? I imagine that a handsome guy just grabs me and throws me on the ground/ a bed and holds me down, attacking me from behind, and I beg him to stop but he doesn't...Am I wrong for having those thoughts? Is that perverted?

I wouldn't really want that to happen to me, but I don't know why I have those fantasies...Could it be because I'm a virgin and curious about how sex feels...Am I the only one that have these fantasies?

Dear D,

Rape fantasies are quite common and it doesn't mean anything is wrong with you. Women often have this type of fantasy because it removes us from any responsibility for what is happening. I'll bet I have a million variations on my rape fantasies that I still enjoy to this day.

Dr. Betty

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