After My Vibe Can I have Manual Orgasms?

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Hi Dr. Betty,

I've spent quite a bit of time reading your great posts. I still have a question, though, about orgasm with manual stimulation. I completely agree a woman should be able to bring a vibrator into any sexual encounter-- and I do-- but I would still really love to be able to orgasm without a vibrator. I'm 29 and have never been able to do this.

Am I forever addicted to the vibrator, or is there hope?

Thank you!

Dear J,

Ask yourself why you want to orgasm without a vibrator. Is it to please a current or potential lover? Is it because you want to be a purist? Can you imagine a guy wanting to know how he can orgasm without his porn? Believe me if you were stuck on an island without electricity you would end up being able to use your hand eventually. But as long as we have electricity, why deny yourself the pleasure? Sure, you can retire the vibrator, give it away and go on manual. But be prepared to begin feeling frustrated to the point where you go buy another one.

Yes it's possible but it takes quite a while. My position? I say embrace modern technology and just learn how to use it even better. For me my vibrator and dildos are not addictions, they are my choices. I'll bet you're dating some guy who wants to give you an orgasm with HIS fingers. Did I guess right?

Dr. Betty

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