Laurie Joy

Betty Dodson's Bodysex Workshop blew me out of the water!! It healed a lifetime of sexual repression, body shame and guilt in just ten hours! It also set me on a path to do the same for others.

Now, I also practice and teach "Tantra as Medicine". As a former nun, oncology nurse, holistic health and sexuality coach, and energy medicine practitioner, I am passionate about supporting the healing and transformation needed to reunite our sexuality with our spirituality. I know personally the emotional, physical, and mental trauma this “disconnect” can create in one’s life.

I have also experienced firsthand the profound healing and transformation both Bodysex and Authentic Tantra® offers. I weave the Emotion Code and Body Code, an energy medicine technique, into my Authentic Tantra® sessions to enhance meaningful self-connection. These sessions can be deep and vulnerable. Being seen, heard and witnessed in a safe and compassionate space allows for profound healing.

You can reach me at or visit my website at

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I want to radiate and be the embodiment of Pleasure, for myself and for all of humanity!!
The bonds and sisterhood created are deep, authentic and satiate a yearning for meaningful connection like nothing else I have ever experienced.