Erika Kawalek

Erika Kawalek spent five years in celibacy, slowly transforming her sexuality from zero desire and vaginismus—painful penetration—to full-spectrum self-love and orgasmic activation. She healed herself with deep daily practice and study with the world’s top embodiment coaches and sexuality teachers. 

Her journey of reclamation began at Betty's. Erika now works as a highly-trained embodiment and holistic intimacy coach and holds Bodysex circles internationally.

Through her years as a "sex monk," Erika developed a passion for guiding women into exquisite self-intimacy and embodiment. She invites pleasure in all forms, orgasms of all varieties—including emotional 'gasms like angergasms, jealousygasms, griefgasms... If you feel it, you can 'gasm it! She believes that with a foundation of self-love, a woman can experience all her sensations, emotions, and process her stories. She can unlock her deepest self and authentic self-expression—the basis of the most epic sex and connection, solo or partnered!

Erika is a tantrika (a practitioner of classical Tantra) and is certified in Daoist women’s pleasure practice, including Jade Egg. She's passionate about bridging ancient, mystical practice with pro-pleasure, pussy-first Feminism and neuroscience-backed techniques. She’s conducted research for the pioneering women’s sexual pleasure site 

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