The Range of Vulva Styles from Sex for One

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Back in the 70's, during the Genital Show & Tell ritual in her Bodysex workshops, Betty started identifying the "style" of each vulva using architectural styles as a reference: Classical, Gothic, Modern, Renaissance, Baroque, and the Heart.

The women connected with the architectural reference and we still describe your vulva style in our Bodysex workshops today.  After 40 years of looking at vulvas, Betty will see some shape or combination of features that is unique to that woman's vulva.  Our sex organs are divine and no two vulvas look alike.

Betty sketched these vulvas for the release of her international best seller Sex for One.  Her girlfriends were her models.

Below is the Classical vulva.  Notice the symmetrical inner and outer labia and the moderately sized clitoris.


Classical Vulva



Below is the Gothic vulva.  Notice the elongated clitoral hood and the dramatic draping of the inner labia.


Gothic Vulva


Below is the Modern vulva.  Notice the large clitoris, sleek lines of the labia, and vaginal opening.


Modern Vulva


Below is the Renaissance vulva.  Notice the ruffled inner labia that drape down from the clitoral hood like beautiful fabric.


Renaissance Vulva


Below is the Baroque vulva.  Notice the ornate quality of the labia with several scallops and turns and the unique hood folds over the clitoris.


Baroque Vulva


Below is the the Heart vulva (my personal vulva style).  Notice how the outer labia - when pulled to the sides - make the shape of a heart with darker inner labia and madonna-esque clitoral hood and clitoris.


The Heart


Betty and I always say that we've never seen an unattractive vulva.

Each clitoris has over 8,000 nerve endings.  The folds and drapery of the inner labia are spectacular.  Then there are the beautiful variations in color: baby pinks and soft peaches....deep mauves and chocolate browns...velvety blacks and soft opalescent pearls. 

The beauty is endless. Here are the rest of the sketches with variations on the above "styles":















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