Worried About How I Smell Between My Legs

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So I am 15 years old and there is this guy at school that I have a thing with. I am a freshman and he is a sophomore, and he is experienced, but I have barely had any experience. I have never given a blow job. I have never been fingered or even touched down there (except for when I touch myself heehee).

We talk about hooking up frequently, and we almost did once. We started making out, and once he took his HUGE boner out, I kinda freaked out. He is black and is a 6'3'' basketball player. I am tiny compared to him. So I told him that I felt like I was gonna end up blowing him, but all he asked me to do was see if I could fit my mouth around the head of it. I was able to fit my mouth around it, thank God, but I didn't end up blowing him because 1. He said he didn't want to pressure me into something that I might not be comfortable with; and 2. He says he wants it to be a mutual set of actions. He said that if I blow him, I have to let him give me head.

That's where it gets complicated. I am really comfortable with myself in private, but since I have never had anyone even put there hands down there, I am kinda scared of what it will be like to open myself up to him. When we hooked up, he tried to get his hands down there, but I stopped him. I felt really bad because he wanted to touch me, but I wouldn't let him. So basically my only hesitation is whether I smell any different than the average women down there. I don't care about how it looks down there. I am comfortable with that, but I am kinda uncomfortable with the smell. It doesn't smell bad.

I feel it smells like vagina. I have searched many different sites to see what people's opinions are, and I seem normal. I know everyone has a distinct smell, and I smell like myself. I have stuck my finger up in there when I was fingering myself once, and tasted it haha. It didn't taste like anything, so I am comfortable with that too. But the smell just scares me. Whenever I go to the bathroom and open my legs, the smell permeates the air. It's not fishy or anything, but I just am not sure. When you stick your finger inside your vagina and take it out, it's gonna smell like your vagina, right? Because my dude's penis didn't smell...... I am so tempted to ask my friend if I can smell her vagina lol. I even looked up if guys like the smell of panties, and everyone says they like it. One dude even said that he loved the smell of his sister's panties after she worked out HAHA kinda odd but okay.

Dear A,

For a teen you sound very grounded and sensible. I see nothing wrong with asking your girlfriend to exchange inhaling the scent of your vagina's after dipping in your fingers. I seriously doubt either one of you would smell raunchy or awful. However we all go through these questions and doubts. In my workshops, we always did the vaginal smell and taste test because all women have these concerns. How we smell and taste has a lot to do with what we are eating. In one workshop we all tasted a bit like Wasabi, the Japanese hot mustard because we'd all had Japanese food together the night before.

When the scent wafts up while you're urinating it includes the smell of urine which also varies greatly due to diet. As long as you are young, healthy and clean you need not worry about how you smell or taste. I like this young man of yours. He sounds very caring and thoughtful. Just don't go beyond manual or oral sex until you have your birth control mastered and feel ready. Remember, very few girls can orgasm from a penis thrusting inside our vaginas. But manual and oral stimulation of our clits works fine as a rule. Just take your time.

Dr. Betty

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