The Women Love Erotic Recess. They Love Group Massage Even More

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We pick the dates for our workshops several months in advance and women start booking in immediately.  Leading into this certification workshop, things were crazed for me personally.  We closed on a house the weekend before Bodysex and would be moving the weekend after Bodysex.  I wondered if I had too much on my plate before realizing that Bodysex would be the grounding and renewal I needed to pack up and move to suburbia.

We had women from Finland, China, Israel, both coasts and the Deep South.  There's no greater feeling than to be with our Bodysex sisters - our future leaders who will take Betty's philosophy of self love and independent orgasm to women across cultures and continents.  The connection you feel with yourself and every woman in the room is deep and profound.  It's truth and acceptance - being truly seen and valued by each woman in the circle.  

For several of the women, this was their third and fourth certification workshop.  We call them our Bodysex "groupies".  Bodysex is like that: it's addictive.  Circles of women are powerful and circles of women who have embraced their sexual selves are a whole new level.  I'm always so at ease in these moments because I don't have to think or explain.  There's an unspoken understanding, the type of understanding that I sought from family and romance in my younger years. 

I love to see Betty in her element advising the women as they pair off and lead genital show and tell.  After a decade-long partnership, I sometimes gloss over how brilliant Betty is and the magnitude of her influence on the world.  Even with her hearing loss she doesn't miss a moment.  She reads body language and the energy in the room and knows all.  When I think about my life and career, Betty's example is so inspiring.  I want to be her - looking at my 90th birthday - leading groups and educating the next generation. Bravo, Dodson.

Betty and I will ask the group whether they want to do more Q&A and cut erotic recess - always to a resounding "no".  The women want to share their orgasms and experience pleasure together.  It's hard to have regular friendships when you get used to the type of bonding that happens during erotic recess.  Chardonany and shopping can't compare to orgasms and strawberries.  We had a couple of screamers which lead to a lot of laughter.  Bodysex is the joy of "sex" without any judgment or insecurity or dominance.  This should be every young woman's first sexual experience.  

As much as the women love erotic recess, they love group massage even more.  There's usually one or two women who were either intimidated by erotic recess or didn't have an orgasm so they feel a bit off balance.  Orgasm is not the goal of Bodysex.  Pleasure is the goal.

As soon as they lie down to receive massage from the group, their faces change - the tension releases and they move into pleasure.  Group massage is really an exercise in non-sexual touch.  Touch heals and grounds us.  It's a shame that we can't touch more in our culture, that everything devolves into procreative, hetero-normative, penetrative sex.  This is the brilliance of Bodysex.

Group Massage


It was a transcendent weekend.  We're all moved in and everything went off without a hitch.  Now that I have a yard and play room for Grayson and our dog, I have more time than before and I'm looking forward to a winter of writing and promoting the new site and our Bodysex Leaders.


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