Will Antidepressants Stop Me From Ever Achieving Orgasm?

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Betty Dodson

Hi Betty,

I'm so happy to have found your site (I no longer feel alone!) and am definitely going to give your tips a try regarding my anorgasmia. I was wondering though if you or anyone you know of, run a class in the UK like the group body workshops you have videos of. Also I notice that the video prices are in $, can I still buy these in the UK?

If not a class, could you recommend a therapist in the UK, as I feel like it might be nice to have the support.

Lastly, if I took antidepressants at 15 (gabapentin and amytriptiline for about a year) then for about 2 months ages 23 and then citalopram from 1 year ago till now aged 28 (I am weening off it and no longer suffer from anxiety attacks), do you think this may have stopped me from ever being able to achieve orgasm?

Thank you so much in advance

Dear S,

I no longer use the word "anorgasmia" as it's just too clinical and cruel. I much prefer the term preorgasmic as any woman can learn how to enjoy her sexuality through the practice of masturbation. Once she gets her orgasm in place, she can share that information with her partner.

You can stream videos right off our website. We also sell them on Amazon. Since we are just beginning to certify women to run Bodysex workshops, there is no one in the UK right now doing them. Hopefully there will be soon.

Before you seek out a therapist, see if the information on D&R is sufficient to help you grow. Sorry I don't know a therapist to recommend and I also worry they might put you on some meds. It has been clinically proven that these antidepressants block our orgasms. Given your history I suspect that once your body has cleaned them out of your system you can begin to enjoy orgasms. At age 28 I would invest in a quality vibrator and begin learning how to best use it. A good one is the Eroscillator that can be purchased from their website. Go into the D&R website and start reading the abundance of sex information available for free. Give yourself a pat on the back for confronting the meds. You're doing great.

Dr. Betty