When We Have Sex, His Foreskin Bleeds

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Hi Betty and Carlin,

My boyfriend is uncircumsized and occasionally when we have sex, his foreskin bleeds -- it seems like it tears when he penetrates me. The first time it happened it was really scary and upsetting to me; there was a LOT of blood. STDs are not an issue for us, but sex causing him pain is a major issue. After the first time this happened, we abstained from sex for a couple weeks and eased back in to things with me giving him oral sex, but even that caused a little bit of bleeding the first time. The bleeding hasn't been happening LATELY, but we've begun using lots of lube and condoms (which neither of us like very much), and the worst part is that we're both very anxious that he's going to start bleeding at any time, so the sex is not uninhibited at all and it's difficult for me to enjoy his great cock while I'm constantly worrying that he's going to get hurt. What can we do to prevent this issue in the future?

Dear BC,

You can Google tight foreskin and get loads of information. Chances are good that he's already eased it back sufficiently.

The key is to use plenty of lube and gradually work the foreskin back manually without forcing it which is what happened during your first vaginal penetration. The most important basic sex aid is a good lubricant, especially for beginners. Don't hesitate to use it. If you are not using condoms, my Almond oil would be good for your and his masturbation and definitely for vaginal penetration. Now you need to stop being afraid it will happen again and enjoy each other.

Dr. Betty

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