When I Was 19, I Had an Experience With a Lover That Changed My Life

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When I was 19, I had an experience with a lover that changed my life. Beginning with simple circular breathing, and slow, gentle touch, she and I fell into a cosmic sexual erotic bliss zone that lasted for several hours. During the experience, we developed a bond that has lasted a lifetime - even though we've never seen each other again.

To understand what happened between us, it's important to understand a little about the brain. Essentially, there are two large buckets of awareness; your conscious awareness - the parts of you that are paying attention to what you're doing, and taking action accordingly - and your unconscious. Now as you are reading this, it's your conscious mind that says yes, flowing along, enjoying the words with me.

However, it is your unconscious mind that falls into a deep synchronization with my voice, deep inside your head, beneath the surface of conscious awareness. As you read my words, we are unconsciously getting in tune to the same "wave length". This phenomenon has a scientific basis, as announced in Wired Science this week.

Though the study focuses only on verbal communication, this especially applies to sexual communication.

Our brains are wired to fall into contextual sync together. At the peak of a deeply melded experience with a lover, through eye gazing, and circular breath, and repetitive sounds and movements, gentle touch, sex can become a total union of conceptual mind and physical body, creating a neurological bond between us, that in some cases, lasts throughout our lives.

We can literally fall into sync with our partner.

At the deepest levels of sexual synchronization, we completely loose our sense of single identity, diving into the ocean of cosmic, unified, erotic bliss.

Now science is exploring this connection, and that's something worth putting our own sex-explorer hat on for.

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