What's Your Secret to Happiness?

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Betty Dodson

Dear Doctor Betty Dodson,

Can you please explain your secret about how your always so happy and confident so that I may no longer be a depressed insecure needy girl?


Dear J,

That's a very interesting question. I don't really have a secret to share but I do know I have a strong belief in the "creative process" while practicing some art form. I went from drawing to writing to teaching which was all based on making it up or creating gold out of shit, the alchemists dream. That's always sustained me. I've also learned to forgive myself on a daily basis.

When I am motivated to fight for what I believe to be fair, the effort always makes me feel good. I seem to thrive on a challenge. Even times of frustration when something didn't happen or work out, knowing I gave it my best shot meant no regrets.

If I had to boil it down to one thing, I'd say embrace some art form and wallow in the creative process that will teach us all we need to know.