What's Your Opinion on Sexless Marriages?

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Betty Dodson

Dear Betty,

There is something I am curious about, I don't know if you have ever run across an answer in your studies.

Maybe people are in sexless marriages, and many people have the opinion that it is wrong to have an extramarital affair. What do those people in the latter group think is the solution for those of us in the first group? I know you are not a proponent of "mating in captivity", and I know where you stand on extramarital sex.

I'm just wondering about all those who negatively judge others who DO engage in extramarital sex. What do they expect us who get no sex in our marriage to do? Just happily masturbate for the rest of our lives? BTW I do plan to do just that.... but enjoy partner sex as well.

Dear C,

I'm with you! Enjoy your masturbation and take advantage of opportunities to share sex with other like minded people. My preference would be to have an agreement with my SO as to how we want to arrange this. But in cases of unreasonable men who want to fuck around but forbid it of their partners, I say the days of the sexual double standard are over for women who are willing to call it and then reject it openly so our partners understand our position.

Dr. Betty

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