What Can I Say When Criticized for Casual Sex & Multiple Partners?

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Hello! Thanks for your time.

I don't know how to respond to people about this. I know the insult isn't justified, but I do like sleeping with multiple guys. People say I put myself at risk too much. Not just about STDs but also for pregnancy. The funny thing, is that I risk being preggo much less often than lots of ppl in relationships do! Like if I hookup a few times a month vs most people who have sex with their partner at least a few times a week.

They say it's different though, since they know each other if a baby happens. But I feel like the overall consequence is the same. Plus I usually take less risk, I'm on BC, use condoms, and usually ask him to pullout even with a condom on. I know plenty of couples that just solely rely on the pill.

They don't really care or respond when I point all of that out. Or when I say that having STDs doesn't have to be a big deal, or just only from casual sex. They act like they're better than I am, but I don't insult them at all. I just like to have fun.

What can I say back, when ppl don't care about the facts or just being more positive about sex? I'm almost scared to share any sex stories now, or participate when everyone swaps stories.


Dear R,

You are simply sexual! Mostly they are silently jealous. When we dare to make our own rules, those who are fearful of doing so will always put you down. Just ignore them and continue to enjoy yourself.

Dr. Betty

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