Time on Exercise Bike Left Me Unable to Orgasm

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Dear Dr. Betty,

I used an exercise bike about 2 months ago. The seat put a lot of pressure on my perineum, but never made any contact with the clitoral area. I experienced this shooting pain in the perineum area a few hours after I got off of it, and it occurred again on and off for a few days after. I'd only used the bike for an hour. 3 days after, I was unable to orgasm.

I used to be able to climax extremely easily. It only took me 3-5 minutes sometimes. I thought, "Oh, I must've just irritated the area a bit. I won't ever use the bike again. I'll wait a month and things will be back to normal." 2 months later, I still can't orgasm (unless I try for an hour, and even then, the orgasm is tiny, and it starts getting very uncomfortable.) The only time this has happened to me was when I was taking antidepressants. It's never been this difficult for me. When I touch the clitoral area, I can't feel any sensitivity. It feels like I'm touching my arm. There's no response.

Did I do permanent damage? I'm really frustrated... I've been crying.

I know that sounds ridiculous, but I just miss being able to orgasm so badly and I'm upset that's potentially ruined forever from something so insignificant. It's been 2 months, so I'm guessing any hope for things going back to normal after this is wistful thinking. I did some research and read about how cycling can put too much pressure on the pudental nerve (within the perineum) and cause damage, but I didn't know I could cause permanent damage from just one hour... I'm really upset. I really miss how it used to be. I'm only 19.

Will things never return back to normal?


Dear G,

Yes, everything will return to normal and even get better as you continue to masturbate. We do have a tendency to think the worst when something seems wrong with our bodies, especially the genitals. I'm sure everything has returned to normal by now and if it hasn't then give it more time.

The body heals the body and the mind plays a big role. So think positive thoughts and be gentle with your body. Nothing stays the same. 

Dr Betty 

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