Thoughtful Masturbation Cured My Prostatitis

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Dr. Betty,

I've suffered for years from chronic nonbacterial prostatitis. Caused pain in my prostate and penis, especially when I ejaculated, but the sensation felt like I needed to ejaculate badly each time. Years ago I had a bacterial prostatitis infection and was treated with Cipro. The pain seemed gone at first.

I used to enjoy sex a lot and never much needed or liked the idea of masturbating. I started early and masturbated a lot when I was younger but stopped after college. But after the pain, I cut back on sex to avoid the possibility. But the longer I abstained the more urgent I needed to ejaculate, of course, and I had to masturbate. Then it was more painful and so I cut back even more. My doctor diagnosed it as chronic nonbacterial prostatitis. I’ve tried several drugs.

I found some research several months ago, such as “Role of ejaculation in the treatment of chronic non-bacterial prostatitis. I spoke with my doctor about masturbation and he suggested I should try to gradually increase it from my current 3 to 4 times a month to that many times a week. The longer between ejaculations the more pain I was feeling.

I slowly worked masturbation it into my routine and the pain gradually subsided. But at that pace, it was work and was hard for me to get excited and stay hard enough to see it through. My doctor suggested I try even more often and referred me to your site for ideas. He privately admitted that he (and “his boyfriend”) have a fleshlight and, after I try it I’ll want to masturbate all the time. He was right and I found that if I ejaculated one to two times a day I am completely pain free during the next ejaculation. Any less and the pain returns.

The pain is gone and I discovered I love masturbating- I just had to give it a chance and condition my body for it. I can’t imagine how I ever got by a day without it. No more medications now. I’m dating again and will soon give intercourse another try, but without fear of pain this time. I just have to keep on masturbating.

Do you have more information on this or perhaps you can do an article on it to help others. I could have saved a lot of time and pain had I known sooner.


Dear R,

I've spent the better part of my lifetime supporting, teaching and being an over all advocate tor the benefits of masturbation. Thanks for sharing your story with me. It will most likely get posted. Anyone who's had a urinary tract infection will understand what awful discomfort a person suffers with it. So having a similar pain ejaculating would be tremendously taxing.

When I reached the part in your history where you said, "I used to enjoy sex a lot and never much needed or liked the idea of masturbating" a red flag went up. Ooops! I saw a problem in the making. So glad you got to a doctor who wise enough to realize the simple solution of use it or lose it and didn't get you hooked on Big Pharma drugs AND sent you to D&R. Give him our best wishes and a hug.

Happy Orgasms,

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