There is More Wisdom in Your Body Than in Your Deepest Philosophy

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I’m just barely back from the out-of-this-world experience of a Bodysex workshop. It’s an incredible honor to facilitate, to witness profound change and re-birth. All my new sister goddesses and I felt so very soul-full in the end. We made heartfelt connections, where just the day before we were strangers.

The five women all seemed, at first, to be struggling under different circumstances, working on different things. Divided by geography and profession, economics and age, we soon realized we were more connected than any of us knew. While we each have our own stories, we recognized some of ourselves in each other. Similarities emerged as the struggles were shared, and we were drawn together and inward, supporting and supported.

As if our stories are stones, they overlap and form concentric circles on the water, rippling outward as the weekend progresses. The theme that emerged was about remembering. The raw truth of Nietzsche’s words rang true for us, “There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy.”

We started not with introductions or name tags, but with sharing about our bodies and our orgasms.

Names and professions weren’t important. Being open, non-judgmental, vulnerable and authentic were. Each woman brought her best self. Familiar stories and tears ran in parallel as we shared our experiences of shame and abuse, alongside our everyday life struggles and joys. We spoke of both new and long-term relationships. Some cracked, some seeking to be strengthened, some re-commitments being made. We bonded over what it means to have good sex. How does it feel for you, what happens to me, how can we have more of it? We learned about our anatomy, the amazing erectile network that makes up our body and how the clitoral “button” you see is just the tip of the iceberg.

Together we remembered how much wisdom the body holds.

Often this wisdom is wrapped around and underneath trauma-based habits and survival strategies. We worked on learning to listen to ourselves, to our intuition, to our instinct, to our deep internal and ancient feminine wisdom.

We remembered parts of ourselves we had lost or forgotten. We reminded each other to trust our bodies and to look to our inner wisdom to help us find our way. This can be as simple as cupping our vulvas, asking a question and listening to our bodies for the answer. Or as literal as listening to our voices, as our breath and sound carried us upward and out of ourselves during erotic recess.

We learned about what we like - sensually, erotically, sexually as we focused on tuning in to how we feel.

There were no wrong answers as we excavated ourselves like archeologists. No one right way to do things as we playfully experimented on ourselves like scientists. Using our own bodies as if they were laboratories, we explored ourselves in new and different ways to see how we respond and what we like.

We remembered how to use our voices to ask for what we want or need. And we realized that we don’t need to do it all alone. We don’t need to carry everything and everyone by ourselves. Because we can ask for help and know that the asking doesn’t make us any less capable, or less perfect, or less anything. It actually makes us more. More connected and more self-full and more vital. So we can fill our cups, and those of our loved ones once we ourselves are full.

We don't have to struggle so much and worry about learning how to do something.

We already know. We just have to listen to our hearts, to the divine wise woman within. Bodysex gifted us, as it gifts women the world over, connection, strength, sisterhood and power. So slow down. Dive in and listen to yourself. Then speak up and step out into the world as the YOU you are meant to be.

Special thanks to Deva, Scarlett, Bella, and Princess Porche for taking the plunge with Peachy Keen.

If you’re working on finding your light, your passion and your best sexual, sensual, playful self, hold your breath and dive in! Click here for information on upcoming workshops.

Wishing You Much Joy,

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