There is a Camaraderie and Affection Among Women that Transcends Borders

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There's always one workshop that's over-booked each season.  One weekend that everyone prefers.  Our July group was busting at the seams. 

We had women from each coast, Taiwan, China, Australia, Chile and Berlin.  It doesn't matter where we grow up or the color of our skin or how we identify sexually we've all been sexually oppressed, diminished and abused.  As we shared our stories, there wasn't one woman who'd escaped unscathed.  We all bear the wounds of growing up female. 

In these moments, I imagine how it would be to grow up and thrive in a culture where I was accepted and supported - where shows like the Handmaid's Tale seemed ridiculous.  A culture where my sexuality was encouraged, my body was revered, and my contributions valued.  If I had to pick one word for this group, it would be power.  When women step into freedom, the energy that surrounds them is so strong it feels like you can grab a hold of it and soar.  Everything is possible.

One of the most moving moments I witnessed was the exchange between the women from China and Taiwan.  The sat across from each other in the circle like opposite sides of the same coin.  They would define the nuances of their language and sexual terms as they smiled and felt the joy of shared culture and experience.  If only women were permitted to lead nations and advance diplomacy.  There is a camaraderie and affection among women that transcends borders.

Several of the women are moving forward with certification which makes it all feel more sacred, more important because they will carry forward Betty's legacy.  Genital show & tell was solemn, joyful, and healing.  Not matter how long we do this work, looking at vulvas never feels routine.  There is always something new...a unique structure...a deeper moment that feeds your soul.  What an honor and privilege to have these experiences sitting next to Betty Dodson. 

During group share on Day 2, a woman shared how surprised she was to love each woman in the circle.  She knew that she was going to love me and Betty but had no idea how amazing all the other women in the circle would be, how much they would add to her experience. 

Erotic recess was super orgasmic.  I brought my favorite dildo and had to snap a pic. 



Betty and I rode each other's orgasm waves (and rode some aftershocks of pleasure with the women too) for two hours.  Betty is a testiment to the power of pleasure to keep you happy and healthy throughout a lifetime.  Your orgasms won't stop....ever.  You'll be 89 cumming in a circle jerk laughing and nibbling on strawberries.  That's the image of aging that I'm going to hold in my mind.  There is no fear.  There is no scarcity.  There is only abundance.  

Betty & Carlin


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