Is There Any Way to Make Your Penis Bigger?

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Hi Dr. Dodson,

Thank you for this great site, for helping me stop feeling guilty about masturbation and becoming more comfortable with the size and the appearence of my penis. But i still have a question regarding size...You know that there are many websites that "address" the issue of penis size and make money by offering medication/ devices/ exercises to gain size.

One such website is which offers workout plans involving pulling and stretching, milking and massaging like Jelqing etc. They claim that this lengthens and dilates the blood vessels, thus PERMANENTLY increasing the size. Do these really work?? i have tried these exercises a few times and my penis will atleast LOOK better after the workout, i.e. more full of blood, a bigger head and more vascular etc.. How do you see these exercises??? Please explain..

Forever yours,

Dear 5in,

Happy to be of help! I encourage genital massage along with masturbation for both women and men. So yes, you can do penis stretching and bringing blood into Mr. Happy along with having regular orgasms through masturbation for sexual pleasure and health. This will also prevent an enlarged prostate later on in life.

Just avoid any meds and surgery that claims penis enhancement. When you masturbate, don't forget to practice your come control. Check in with Eric Ameranth, my apprentice for more guy information. Good luck,

Dr. Betty


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