Is There Any Way to Control My Sexual Desires or Calm My Mind?

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Dear Dr. Betty,

Ever since I was young I always liked to touch on my body or look at myself in mirrors. Around the age of 9, I started having fantasies about females masturbating and stuff and when I woke up my hand would be in my pants on my clit. I'm 20 now and still have these dreams or get aroused by the dreams but now I wake up with my fingers actually inside me.

Sometimes I could be awake and think about it and become wet in my vaginal area just from the thoughts. Is there a problem with me or is it normal for some? I got a feeling that my body or maybe me in general may just be attracted to women or their bodies but I'm not sure how to know.

I just want to know is there a way to control my sexual desires or calm my mind?

Dear N,

It sounds like you body is crying out for some TLC from you. Go into the website and check out the left hand column for topics. Then begin to practice conscious masturbation which is the essence of sexual self-love. That must come first before we can enjoy sex with a partner.

Whether you are gay, straight or bi doesn't really matter now. It's time for you to have a love affair with yourself while wide awake. Embrace sexual pleasure and enjoy yourself.

Dr. Betty


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